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Return Flight, Helicopter


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The heliport in Aogashima village

My happy days in Aogashima is about to come to an end. Though I want to stay here a little more, the day I go home has come.

The weather is bright and clear on that day. There are no concerns about our helicopter service.

Aogashima heliport
The heliport, and the weather is bright and clear.

Originally, I had reserved a charter flight of the village for return flight. But the day before the day I would leave the island, I got a call from the village office and they asked me saying "We would like you to change your flight to an ordinary flight." They said that many reservations of ordinary flights had been canceled. I heard that it is not a good idea for the village to fly a charter flight in spite of having vacant seats although all the seats of our charter flight were already booked.

Finally, the first charter flight of August 10th only came to Aogashima from Hachijo-jima. When it went back to Hachijo-jima, it left Aogashima with no passengers.

The car arrived at the heliport.
The passengers gathered at the heliport.
People who gathered at the terminal building
The passengers started gathering at the terminal building.

When it is time to check in, the passengers started gathering one after another. The owner of "Monji", the people I met at Aogashima rave and the people who took care of me were gathering there. I thought the atmosphere of an island was really good.

Atmosphere of safety inspection
Safety inspection will be started by the office staff.

The concrete hut which stands in front of the heliport is a so-called "terminal building". Boarding procedures and safety inspection take place here. People who deal with procedures are all staff of the village office.

Loading and unloading baggage to the helicopter
At first, they are bringing in baggage from the rear door.

The helicopter landed on Aogashima on time. After the passengers from Hachijo-jima got off the helicopter with their baggages, we got on the helicopter.

Board Ai-land Shuttle
We walked to the helicopter being guided by an employee.
A police officer standing in front of the helicopter
A resident officer of the island checked people coming in and going out of the island.

We got on the helicopter after the employee of the village office. On the way to the helicopter, a police officer waits to check people coming in and going out of the island.

Ai-land Shuttle which took off
The helicopter took off for Hachijo-jima.

When the helicopter took off, the people at the heliport waved to us in farewell. Thank you very much, everyone!

To Hachijo-jima

Jouman area looked down on from the helicopter
When I looked down on it again, I was surprised at the amazing landform.
I looked down on the clouds from the helicopter.
The outlook on the sea was good, but there are many clouds.
A distant view of Hachijo-jima
Hachijo-jima came in sight.
The atmosphere right after landing
We landed at Hachijo-jima airport, where the airport staff waited.

The flight to Hachijo-jima was 20 minutes or so. We were arriving at about 10:10. The ANA flight back from Aogashima was the last flight departing at 5:20pm, so I had half a day as spare time. One of the people who I met at Aogashima rave invited me and took care of me.

The passengers who got off the helicopter
The passengers got off the helicopter one after another.
Ai-land Shuttle seen from the back
The baggage I checked in was delivered to the arrival lobby.

I was taken care of by the inhabitants of the island during the journey. Their warm heart made me think it as if they were my family. I think that is the greatest charm of the island, Aogashima. It was a small island, but it makes me think I want to go there again.

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2011/08/07 - 10
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