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Sampo Port, Kanju-maru


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Sampo Port

Currently, Sampo port is the only port in the island. Once, the port construction of "Ochiyo port" was promoted as the second port, but now, you cannot even get close to it due to a collapse accident.

Seiho Tunnel
Seiho tunnel between Ikenosawa and Sampo port.
The embankment of Sampo port
Overlooking the old embankment.

The instant you come out of the tunnel, Sampo port opens out in front of you. It is the port that the inhabitants of the island had wanted for so long, which was made after a difficult task in Aogashima that had few coasts. It is the logistic lifeline of the island.

The old boat lift yard
The old boat lift yard is no longer used.
The current boat lift yard
The current boat lift yard is an elevated construction.

Because it has no breakwaters and it has a short pier, it is impossible to moor ships and also impossible for large ships to dock at the wharf. So the port has facilities to land a ship, and the fishing boats of the inhabitants utilize the facilities.

A ropeway to hoist a ship
A ropeway equipment to land a ship.

Thanks to Ai-land Shuttle, you can travel back and forth between Aogashima and Hachijo-jima without using a ship, but the volume of loaded cargoes is limited, so stable service of ships is crucial for living in Aogashima.

A large crane vehicle
I found a large crane vehicle. Is it for port and harbor constructions?
Vast grounds against the background of a cliff
The surface of a mountain bedded in concrete as far as the eye can see.
Overlooking Uwatemawari route
Uwatemawari route is closed to traffic due to a collapse.
The new embankment of Sampo port
There are a few people fishing on the new embankment.
A concrete retaining wall is in a state of near collapse.
A part of a concrete retaining wall is beginning to collapse.

The sheer cliff which rises behind the port has fragile geological features, so the entire surface is bedded in concrete. A part of the wall was already collapsed on a large scale by an earthquake and restoration work has been currently carried out.

A view of the whole Sampo port (Aogashima port)
Overbearing scenery suggestive of a stronghold or a military base.

Because of its stern appearance, Sampo port is ridiculed as a military fortress as a result. The reason may be because restoration and improvement are carried out every day in order to protect the inhabitants' lives.

The waiting room of Sampo port
The old waiting room is no longer used.

I went into the building which says the "Waiting room of Sampo port".

Inside off the waiting room
The waiting room which was hit by a high wave and fell into ruins.

On the rooftop, there used to be free hot spring facilities. However, it lies in ruin currently. It looks like it was hit by a high wave.

The site of demolished hot spring facilities
There used to be free hot spring facilities on the rooftop of the waiting room.

Currently, the building called "Falling stone protective facility of Aogashima port", which is on an elevated bridge, is replacing the old waiting room.

Falling stone protective facility of Aogashima port
Practically, the Falling stone protective facility is a waiting room.
Inside of the Falling stone protective facility
The Falling stone protective facility is very large.
Sampo port seen from the old embankment
Sampo port is a complex structure with an elevated bridge.
A complex structure
Overlooking the elevated bridge from the old waiting room.

Luckily, I was able to watch ships landed on that day. Ships were carried onto the elevated bridge. It was like a ropeway.

Landing ships
Fishing boats carried to the boat lift yard by the ropeway.

It takes about 10 minutes to lift ships and take them down. It was over in the blink of an eye.


I was able to see a full view of Kanju-maru at Yaene port in Hachijo-jima. I realized it has endured sailing on stormy seas so far.

Kanju-maru seen from the front
Kanju-maru in Yaene port of Hachijo-jima.
Kaju-maru seen from the back
It is a small ship, but it is a fully complemented ship.

On a deck, a crane for unloading a ship is equipped. It is a crucial equipment in a port which is poor in facilities like Sampo port.

Destination display of Kanju-maru
Hanging out a destination display of "Between Hachijo-jima and Aogashima" splendidly.

A plate of "Between Hachijo-jima and Aogashima" looks shining.

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